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01.Chung Hua University Academic Regulations


01.Application for leave or withdrawl form studies


02.Chung Hua University Regulations Governing Department Transfer




03.Chung Hua University Double Major regulations


03.Application for Double Majors for Semester


04.Chung Hua University Implementation Guidelines for Minor Programs


04.Application Form for Master/Ph.D. Program and Department (Degree Program) Transfer

   碩士班博士班 轉系(學位學程)申請表

05.Student ID Replacement and Re-issue


05.Chung Hua University Application for Replacement of Student ID Card


06.Chung Hua University Course Credit Waiver Regulations


06.Credit Transfer Form for Undergraduates



07.Application Form for Chinese/English Transcript



08.Chung Hua University Department Transfer Application Form




1.Chung Hua UniversityGuidelines on Student Course Selection




2.Chung Hua University Guidelines for Summer Courses


2.Chung Hua UniversityCross-college Course Taking Application Form


3.Chung Hua University Regulations Governing Cross-college Course Taking


3.Chung Hua UniversityStudentSummerCourse Application


4.Chuang Hua University Guidelines for Alteration of Course Selection


4.Chuang Hua University Special Course AddDrop Application Form



5.Chung Hua UniversityApplication Form for Course-Registration Error Correction




01.Chung Hua University Implementation Guidelines for Off-Campus Internships

 ( 中華大學學生校外實習實施辦法 )

01.Mid-term Teachers' Evaluation at CHU


02.Chung Hua University Guidelines for Incentives Awarded to Professional Licenses and Certificates

 ( 中華大學專業證照獎勵辦法 )

02.Chung Hua University Application Form for Professional License Award                                            

 ( 專業證照獎勵申請表 )